Petroleum Systems


The education of students to enter careers in the petroleum industry has been a traditional strength of the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering. The department has produced many geologists who have made important contibutions to the industry, nationally and internationally, in technical and managerial position. As the petroleum industry had changed, so have their requirements by industry for qualified graduates. The Petroleum Geoscience Group recognizes these changes and modifies its curriculum accordingly. Today, students are provided with training in geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering, petrophysics and geochemistry, built on a solid foundation in the basic sciences, computer science, and mathematics. To cope with the increasing demands of a global economy, students are encouraged to become knowlegeable in economics, political science, risk analysis, and foreign languages.




Records of student placement over the past several years indicate our graduates became employed by national and international oil and gas companies, private consulting enterprised, and government service. The annual return of many company recruiters to the department, as well as our historical record in placing graduates, speaks well for our success in educating students for employment in the petroleum industry.




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