Department News

[September 15, 2013]

Two publications by Dr. M.A. Boland won the USGS Shoemaker Award for Communication Product Excellence. The Shoemaker Awards for Communication Product Excellence recognize USGS products that demonstrate extraordinary effectiveness in communicating and translating complex scientific concepts and discoveries into words and pictures that capture the interest and imagination of the American public. Click here for her publications on beryllium and nickel.

[August 5, 2013]

Dr. J. Fredrick (Rick) Sarg has been awarded the 2013 Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award by the AAPG.

[August 1, 2013]

Congratulations to the CSM AAPG Student Chapter for receiving the 2013 AAPG Outstanding Student Chapter Award!

[July 25, 2013]

Dr. Reed Maxwell is part of a Minnesota Public Radio program on the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic.

[July 1, 2013]

Jeremy Boak has been appointed President of the Energy Minerals Division of AAPG.

[May 6, 2013]

Richard Wendandt was selected as the 2014/15 CSM Faculty Distinguished Senate Lecturer.

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