Over the summer, Dr. Christian Shorey published some new content on the school's iTunesU site. iTunesU is a service through iTunes that allows the Mines' community to post documents, audio recordings, and videos for use both private and public. The material Dr. Shorey is posting is all completely free and public, and the most recent geology additions include a series of geology oriented lectures, including the AAPG Distinguished Lecture by Ron Blakey on the paleogeography and paleotectonics of western North America which can be found by going to searching "campus lectures" in the iTunes store, or by following this link.

Various courses are also available on iTunesU, including Dr. Shorey's sister audio podcast for our GEGN 101, Earth and Environmental Systems course. Over 64 lectures, Dr. Shorey covers basic geology, hydrology, meteorology, climatology, biology, environmental economics, resource issues, and cosmology, ending with a synthesis of the history of the Universe. These lectures can be accessed by searching "Earth and Environmental" in the iTunes store, or by following this link.

Last but not least, alumni will likely be very interested in getting another lesson from our beloved Emeritus Professor Bob Weimer. There are a series of videos up, both in regular sound and closed captioned, of Dr. Weimer giving a tour of the highlights of the Bob Weimer Geology Trail on the CSM campus. These videos can be found by searching "Bob Weimer" in the iTunes store, or by following this link.

Return to our iTunesU site throughout the coming years to stay in touch with the intellectual forefront that is Geology and Geological Engineering at CSM.


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