Engineering Geology and Geotechnics


The engineering geology and geotechnics specialty in the Geological Engineering program encompasses the application of geological principles to solve engineering problems. Typical work assignments might include mapping and analysis of a landslide, design of a stabilization scheme for a steep rock cliff, evaluation of gravel or crushed rock resources, siting of various components of a housing development, investigation for a foundation of a tall building or dam, assessment of the activity level of a fault trace, and use of GIS to plan communities. In industry, the engineering geologist serves as an important link between the structure designer, the builder, and the earth on which they build. Academic training in engineering geology and geotechnics encompasses geology, natural hazards, construction and site investigation, GIS, remote sensing methods, numerical techniques and engineering calculations.

Graduates of our program are employed by engineering consulting firms, state and national geological surveys, state highway departments, cement producers, quarry operators, academic teaching and research positions. Our department has one of the most widely recognized Geological Engineering programs in the world, with excellent placement records of graduates and strong external funding of research projects.


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