Other Laboratories

Laboratory Location Contact Person
Core layout/examination lab Room 110 Thomas Monecke
Crusher, disk mill, ball mill, Jaw crusher Room 147 D Thomas Monecke/Yvette Kuiper
Franz Magnetic Separator, and picking scope Room 147 C Yvette Kuiper

Geochemistry lab

Room 406 Alex Gysi/Alexis Sitchler
Geomechanics Room 303 Paul Santi
Geotech sample testing equip. Garage Paul Santi
High Pressure Lab Room 407 Ric Wendlandt

Microscope lab 

Room 401 B  Thomas Monecke/Ric Wendlandt

Mineral separation lab

Room 406B

Thomas Monecke

Optical mineralogy lab 

Room 401

Ric Wendlandt

Automated Mineralogy lab Room 118 Katharina Pfaff
Source Rock Analyzer Room 301 B Steve Sonnenberg
Thin section and sample preparation lab Room 147 Jae Erickson
Wilfley table water density separator Room 147 E Yvette Kuiper
X-ray diffraction lab Room 405 Ric Wendlandt

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