Professional Master - Petroleum Reservoir Systems

The Professional Masters in Petroleum Reservoir Systems (PMPRS) degree is designed for individuals who have petroleum industry experience and are interested in increasing their knowledge. The degree is suitable for consultants, service company employees and individuals whose companies desire them to improve their knowledge of the multi-disciplinary aspects of the petroleum industry.

Major and large independent U.S. exploration & production companies typically require their graduate geologists to have completed a thesis-based (M.Sc.) degree, and historically do not interview our PMPRS geology students.

Teaching assistant and research assistant positions are not available for PMPRS students in this department.

We enroll for Fall and Spring semesters. The degree typically takes 4 semesters (2 years) as no summer courses are available. Students may enroll part-time.

General Administration:

The three participating departments share oversight for this program through a committee consisting of one faculty member from each of the three departments. Students gain admission to the program by application to any of the three sponsoring departments. Students are administered by that department into which they first matriculate.


The program requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. Up to 9 credit hours may be at the 400 level. All other credits toward the degree must be 500 level or above.

9 hours must consist of:
1 course selected from the following:
GPGN419/PEGN 419 Well Log Analysis and Formation Evaluation<
GPGN519/PEGN519 Advanced Formation Evaluation

2 courses selected from the following:
GEGN439/GPGN439/PEGN439 Multi-Disciplinary Petroleum Design
GEGN503/GPGN503/PEGN503 Integrated Exploration and Development I
GEGN504/GPGN504/PEGN504 Integrated Exploration and Development II

9 additional hours must consist of one course each from the 3 participating departments.

The remaining 18 hours may consist of graduate courses from any of the 3 participating departments, or other courses approved by the committee. Up to 6 hours may consist of independent study, including an industry project.


Candidates for the Professional Master Degree must possess an appropriate geosciences undergraduate degree or its equivalent. Prerequisites are the same as those required for the Master of Science (Geology) Degree.

General Geology
Structural Geology
Field Geology (6 weeks)
Chemistry (3 semesters, including at least 1 semester of physical or organic)
Mathematics (2 semesters of calculus)
An additional science course (other than geology) or advanced mathematics
Physics (2 semesters)

See the Graduate Student HandbookPDF versionText only version and CSM Graduate Catalog for more details.

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