Diversity, Inclusion and Access




Message from the GGE Diversity, Inclusion and Access Committee (DIA)

Dr. Mary Carr, Dr. Danica Roth, Dr. Bruce Trudgill, Dr. Donna Anderson, Dr. Lisa Gallagher, Chase Seckinger (MS), and Marisa Macias (J, BS)

As members of the Geology and Geological Engineering community and the campus-wide initiative to support the health, safety and personal well-being of each individual in the Mines community, we thank you all for your efforts to adapt and support each other through this difficult time. While some of us are starting to adjust to the new “normal,” we know the state of the world is still stressful and even scary for others.

Times of crisis can bring out both the best and the worst in people, while amplifying existing disparities in access to resources and support. Across the country, communities are coming together even as many struggle with issues such as food and housing insecurity, unexpected caregiving, family losses, mental health, and increasing encounters with anti-Asian racism. We encourage you all to support our own diverse community by continuing to exercise compassion and tolerance toward those who may be going through very different experiences right now.

The GGE Department is doing its best to help the rest of the semester continue as smoothly as possible as we transition online. If you have concerns about this transition, whether you’re struggling with a new workspace or technology, or trying to juggle childcare and family with classes, research, or mentoring— you’re not alone. As your department DIA Committee, we are here to support you and ready to listen to your concerns. If you have concerns about safety, finding or accessing resources, discrimination or any other issues related to the current COVID outbreak or DI&A that are not addressed by the resources below, please reach out to us via email or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, through our new comment and  feedback form.

If you are experiencing problems or struggling to cope with the current situation, here are some resources:
  • Access free virtual or phone counseling through the Mines Counseling Center, AHP Live Care (free for ALL Mines students through the end of July), or Colorado Crisis Services (1-844-493-TALK or text TALK to 38255).

  • SpeakUp@Mines: Report (anonymously or not) concerns about discrimination, sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, fraud, non-compliance with regulations or policies, research misconduct, and other questionable activity.

  • CARE at Mines: Refer concerns about a specific Mines community member, including distressed and disruptive behavior, suicidal ideations, other mental health concerns, food insecurity, and academic support.

  • Raise Your Hand: Share personal struggles regarding access to technology, difficulty staying engaged, or other concerns.

Note: Many issues could be reported to one or more of these platforms. Do not worry about picking the “right one. The concern can easily be rerouted to the most appropriate party.

Additional options—both at Mines and in the greater Denver area—for those either in need of support or looking for ways to help can be found on our list of COVID-19 support resources.

On the FUN side, remember that we can still connect with each other virtually for support and companionship while social distancing. Here are some ideas on how to do that:
  • Netflix has a “Party” option that allows a group to watch a movie together!
  • FaceTime or Zoom often to stay in contact with friends and family. You can also play games, do yoga, host a craft night, start a book club, or meet for happy hour over Zoom. Get creative!
  • Join the GGE Slack channel to stay connected with department friends and colleagues (reach out to your officemates to form a private office channel or see if one already exists!)
Stay tuned for future announcements as we develop the GGE DI&A Implementation Plan for achieving our department’s longer term goals around inclusive climate and supportive community. In the meanwhile, remember…


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