Major Laboratories

Core Research Laboratory

Room: Building 15, Federal Center
Contact: Dr. Thomas Monecke,
Link: Laboratory Homepage

Non-destructive analysis of core involving continuous multielement analysis using XRF. In addition, high-resolution core images and surface topographic data are collected allowing structural measurements and rock quality designation.


Gamma Spectroscopy Laboratory

Room: BH301A
Contact: Dr. Danica Roth,

Small Anode Germanium (SAGe)Well detector system with cosmic background radiation reduction. This lab is currently used to measure concentrations of short-lived radionuclides such as 7Be and 137Cs in a variety of soil samples


General Chemistry Lab

Room: BH406
Contact: Dr. Alexis Sitchler, Dr. Thomas Monecke

A general chemistry and research labs with a wide variety of standard equipment including fume hoods, glassware, ovens, hotplates, centrifuges, scales, etc. Instrument: Ion Chromotagraphy


LA-ICP-MS Laboratory

Room: CO260A
Contact: Dr. Zhaoshan Chang,
Link: Laboratory Homepage


Microscopy and Fluid Inclusion Laboratory

Room: BH111, BH401B
Contact: Dr. Thomas Monecke,
Link: Laboratory Homepage


Minerals and Materials Characterization Facility

Room: BH110, BH116, BH118, BH119
Contact: Dr. Katharina Pfaff,
Link: Facility Homepage


Short Wavelength Infra-Red (SWIR) Spectral Analysis Lab

Room: BH 226A
Contact: Dr. Zhaoshan Chang,
Link: Lab

ASD/ Malvern Panalytical FieldSpec 4 High-Resolution NG


Thin Section Lab

Room: BH147
Contact: Kelsey Livingston,

Rock saws, laps, automated thin section and polishing equipment for production of petrographic thin sections, polished thin sections, and fluid inclusion sections.


X-Ray Diffractometer

Room: BH405
Contact: Dr. Ric Wendlandt,

A powder x-ray diffraction system used for mineral characterization. The solid state system is PC driven and completely automated, capable of multi-sample analysis and uses a copper radiation source. Instrument: Scintag XDS 2000

Additional Analytical Equipment

Gamma Spectroscopy Laboratory

Room: 301A
Contact: Dr. Danica Roth,


Geology Core Lab

Room: Green Center B-73 & B-70
Contact: Dr. Stephen Sonnenberg,



Room: 303
Contact: Dr. Paul Santi,


Geotech sample testing equipment

Room: 101/ Garage
Contact: Dr. Paul Santi,


Magnetic Separator

Room: 147E
Contact: Dr. Yvette Kuiper,

For the separation of magnetically sensitive grains of a ground up rock sample by use of a vibrating slide within a magnetic field, in preparation for various types of analysis. Instrument: Franz L-1


Petrographic Microscope

Room: 401
Contact: Dr. Wendy Bohrson,

A research quality petrographic microscope with a digital imaging system and a camera attachment. Various other research microscopes are distributed throughout the Department. Instrument: Leitz Labolux 12 Pol


Rates and Dates Laboratory

Room: 407
Contact: Dr. Ryan Venturelli,

Preparation of sediment and rock samples, including drying, crushing, acid treatment, and microscopy. Equipped with a custom carbon extraction and graphitization line for radiocarbon and in situ carbon research. Link:


Rock Crushing and Milling

Room: 147D
Contact: Dr. Thomas Monecke, Dr. Yvette Kuiper

Rocklab Boyd jaw crusher and ring mill for crushing and pulverizing rock samples for geochemical analysis. A BICO cone mill is available for grinding and pulverizing of broken rock samples in preparation for geochronological analysis.


Source Rock Analyzer

Room: 301B
Contact: Dr. Steve Sonnenberg,

Anhydrous whole rock (dry whole rock) pyrolysis analysis of source and reservoir rock hydrocarbons for organic carbon content and estimation of thermal maturity.


Water Level Sounder

Room: 101D
Contact: Dr. Dave Benson,

For measurement of water levels in wells along with measurements of organic liquid-water interface levels. Instrument: Solinist #11688