Other Laboratories

Laboratory Location Contact
Core layout/examination lab Berthoud 110 Thomas Monecke
Jaw crusher, disk mill and ring mill Berthoud 147D Thomas Monecke
Yvette Kuiper
Franz Magnetic Separator, heavy liquids and picking microscope Berthoud 147C Yvette Kuiper
Geochemistry lab Berthoud 406 Alexander Gysi
Alexis Navarre-Stichler
Geology Core Lab Green Center B-73 & B-70 Stephen Sonnenberg
Geomechanics Berthoud 303 Paul Santi
Geotech sample testing equip Garage Paul Santi
High-Pressure Lab Berthoud 407 Ric Wendlandt
Microscope lab Berthoud 401B Thomas Monecke
Ric Wendlandt
Mineral separation lab Berthoud 406B Thomas Monecke
Optical mineralogy lab Berthoud 401 Ric Wendlandt
Source Rock Analyzer Berthoud 301B Steve Sonnenberg
Thin section and sample preparation lab Berthoud 147 Jae Erickson
Wilfley ‘wet shaking’ table Berthoud 147E Yvette Kuiper
X-ray diffraction lab Berthoud 405 Ric Wendlandt
Analytical Equipment List

Questions concerning department equipment can be directed to the person listed below who supervises the laboratory.

Automated Mineralogy Facility

Room: 118/119
Contact: Katharina Pfaff

For rapid mineralogical mapping of polished rock slabs, thin sections, grain separates and rock powders providing modal mineraology, grain size and shape distribution, porosity and fracture estimates. See http://geology.mines.edu/econogeol/electronmicroscopy.html for more details. Instrument: Carl Zeiss EVO50/ QEMSCAN, TESCAN – VEGA-3/ TIMA3

Carbon Coater

Room: 118
Contact: Katharina Pfaff

For variable thickness coating of SEM and microprobe samples with carbon. Instrument: Gessington Carbon Coates

FE-SEM Laboratory

Room: 116
Contact: Katharina Pfaff, Thomas Monecke

The instrument provides topographical and elemental information at magnifications of 10x to over 300,000x at a spatial resolution down to the nanometer scale. The FE-SEM is equipped with a Bruker XFlash®6130 silicon drift detector for energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometry (EDS). Instrument: TESCAN MIRA3 LMH FE-SEM

Field pH Meters

Room: 301
Contact: Rick Sarg

For the measurement of pH of water in the field.

Fluid Inclusion and Cathoduluminescence Laboratory

Room: 111
Contact: Thomas Monecke

The laboratory is equipped with an Olympus BX51 microscope for fluid inclusion petrography. Microthermometric data on fluid inclusions are collected using a Fluid Inc.-adapted U.S. Geological Survey gas-flow hating and freezing stage that is calibrated using synthetic fluid inclusions. Freezing temperatures measured on the system are accurate to 0.1°C. The accuracy of heating measurements ranges from approximately 2°C at 200°C to approximately 10°C at temperatures above 600°C. Imaging of fluid inclusion is conducted using an Optronics Microfire A/R camera. This camera also allows inspection of fluid inclusions using IR in selected opaque minerals (e.g. stibnite, enargite). The laboratory also houses a HC5-LM hot-cathode CL microscope by Lumic Special Microscopes, Germany which allows inspection of the thick sections under electron bombardment. The microscope was operated at 14 kV and with a current density of ca. 10 mA mm-2. CL images were captured using a high sensitivity, double-stage Peltier cooled Kappa DX40”C CCD camera. Instrument: Olympus Bx51

Gas Mixing Furnace

Room: 407
Contact: Ric Wendlandt

A high temperature (up to 1500°C) atmosphere gas-mixing furnace, for oxygen fugacity sensitive melting of rocks. Oxygen fugacity is monitored with Yitrium stabilized ZrO2 ceramic sensor, and controlled by Co-CO2 gas mixture. Instrument: DelTech

General Chemistry Lab – Fluid-rock Interaction Lab

Room: 406
Contact: Alexis Sitchler, Alexander Gysi

A general chemistry and research labs with a wide variety of standard equipment including: fume hoods, glassware, ovens, hotplates, centrifuges, scales, etc. Instrument: Ion Chromotagraphy

Isotopic Liquid Water Analyzer

Room: 404
Contact: Susann Stolze

Novel simultaneous spectroscopic measurement of hydrogen and oxygen of liquid water samples.

Magnetic Separator

Room: 147E
Contact: Yvette Kuiper

For the separation of magnetically sensitive grains of a ground up rock sample by use of a vibrating slide within a magnetic field, in preparation for various types of analysis. Instrument: Franz L-1

Mass Spectrometer

Room: 404
Contact: Susann Stolze

A gas source stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer for isotopic analysis of H, C, N, O, and S. It has a MultipPrep carbonate and water automated preparation system, Eurro-vector elemental analyzer for continuous flow isotopic analysis of C, N, and S. Separate vacuum prep lines are available for offline sample prep. Instrument: Micromass Isoprime

Mineral Separation

Room: 406B
Contact: Thomas Monecke

Mineral separation for economic geology research. A range of specialized equipment is available including specialized mills and density separation methods. Room is also equipped with a fume hood.

Petrographic Microscope

Room: 401
Contact: Ric Wendlandt

A research quality petrographic microscope with a digital imaging system and a camera attachment. Various other research microscopes are distributed throughout the Department. Instrument: Lietz Labolux 12 Pol

Rock Crushing and Milling

Room: 147D
Contact: Thomas Monecke/ Yvette Kuiper

Rocklab Boyd jaw crusher and ring mill for crushing and pulverizing rock samples for geochemical analysis. A BICO cone mill is available for grinding and pulverizing of broken rock samples in preparation for geochronological analysis.

Solid Medium Piston-Cylinder Apparatus (2)

Room: 407
Contact: Ric Wendlandt

For very high pressure (up to 30 kbar)-high temperature (up to 1700°C) solid-melting of rock materials.

Source Rock Analyzer

Room: 301B
Contact: Steve Sonnenberg

Hydrous pyrolysis analysis of source and reservoir rock hydrocarbons for organic carbon content and estimation of thermal maturity.

Thin Section Lab

Room: 147
Contact: Jae Erickson

Rock saws, laps, automated thin section and polishing equipment for production of petrographic thin sections, polished thin sections, and fluid inclusion sections.

Water Level Sounder

Room: 141E
Contact: Dave Benson

For measurment of water levels in wells along with measurements of organic liquid-water interface levels. Instrument: Solinist #11688

X-Ray Diffractometer

Room: 405
Contact: Ric Wendlandt

A powder x-ray diffraction system used for mineral characterization. The solid state system is PC driven and completely automated, capable of multi-sample analysis and uses a copper radiation source. Instrument: Scintag XDS 2000