Palynology Laboratory

The Palynology Laboratory is located in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. The laboratory conducts pollen-based research which represents an important tool in stratigraphy, paleoenvironmental studies, archaeology, and forensic investigations. In addition, the laboratory offers loss-on-ignition analysis.


Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
Berthoud Hall 404
Colorado School of Mines
1516 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401

Dr. Susann Stolze
Fax: 303-273-3859

Palynological Analyses

Palynological Services:

Please request a quote from the laboratory manager.

Loss-on-ignition analysis

Loss-on-ignition is a test widely used in geochemistry to determine the volatile content of rocks, soils, lake sediments, and other materials. Samples are heated at a specified temperature allowing volatile substances to escape. The heating is done in air to oxidize the samples.

The laboratory offers two different types of loss-on-ignition analyses for organic-rich samples such as soils and lake sediments. The organic carbon content of the samples is determined through loss-on-ignition analysis at 550°C. The inorganic carbon content is measured through ignition at 950°C. The analyses are performed following the protocol of Heiri et al. (2001).

The volatile loss of powdered whole-rock samples is determined at 1050°C. This method is most widely used in the geochemical analysis of rocks and supplements whole-rock major element data determined by X-ray fluorescence or other techniques. 

Service Fees for Loss-on-Ignition Analyses:

ServiceInternal RateExternal Rate
Sample drying (per sample)$2.50$3.85
Loss-on-ignition analysis of organic carbon at 550°C (per sample) $10.00$15.50
Loss-on-ignition analysis of organic carbon at 550°C and inorganic carbon at 950°C (per sample)$15.00$23.25
Loss-on-ignition analysis for whole-rock geochemistry at 1050°C (per sample)$10.00$15.50