Keenan Lee

Professor Emeritus, Geology and Geological Engineering

Keenan LeeDr. Lee taught geology and remote sensing at the Colorado School of Mines for 37 years before his retirement in 2006. Courses included earth and environmental systems, physical geology, historical geology, field geology, hydrogeology, photogeology, and remote sensing. Research emphasized applications of remote sensing to exploration for mineral and water resources.


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  • Ph.D., Stanford University, Geology, 1969
  • B.Sc., M.Sc., Louisiana State University, Geology, 1960, 1963

Research Areas

  • Tunguska, the mysterious explosion that flattened millions of trees in Siberia in 1908, remains an unsolved mystery 100 years later that warrants continued study.
  • The Popigai impact structure , one of the largest and best-preserved impact craters in the world, is especially interesting because the impact instantaneously transformed large amounts of graphite into diamonds.
  • The Bonneville Flood reached discharges of about a million cubic meters per second [twice the discharge of all of the world’s rivers combined] below the outlet from Lake Bonneville at the Utah/Idaho border.
  • The Missoula Flood, now generally accepted as the largest flood on Earth, was an order of magnitude greater and it devastated large parts of four states on its rush to the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Altai Flood in Siberia presents good evidence for an even larger flood and, significantly, suggests that such megafloods may not have been all that rare.
  • Smaller outburst floods, like the Three Glaciers Flood in Colorado, were more numerous, but catastrophic nonetheless.

Extraterrestrial Impacts

Big Floods

Selected Publications

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  • Cuban Stanolind Oil Company, Havana, Cuba
  • Union Oil Company of California, Midland, Texas
  • Mobil Oil Libya, Ltd., Tripoli, Libya
  • Mining Research and Service Organization, Taipei, Taiwan
  • U.S. Geological Survey, Branch of Geophysics, Denver
  • Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Remote Sensing Research Contracts and Grants

  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • NASA – Houston
  • U.S. Army Research Office
  • National Science Foundation