Katharina Pfaff

Research Associate Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering
Mineral and Materials Characterization (MMC) Facility Manager

Katharina Pfaff



  • Ph.D., Economic Geology, University Tuebingen, Germany, 2010
  • M.Sc., Mineralogy, University Tuebingen, Germany, 2007


Research Interests

  • Mineral chemistry and mineralogy.
  • Geochemistry of hydrothermal ore deposits.
  • Economic geology of hydrothermal ore deposits.
  • Thermodynamic modeling of element solubilities, transportation and precipitation mechanisms, and fluid/rock interaction.
  • Igneous petrology in peralkaline systems, magmatic layering.
  • Rare earth element systematics in igneous and hydrothermal systems.
  • Radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry.


Selected Publications

  • Dunkl, I., Von Eynatten, H., Ando, S., Lynsdorf, K., Morton, A., Alexander, B., Aradi, L., Augustsson, C., Bahlburg, H., Barbarano, M., Benedictus, A., Berndt, J., Bitz, I., Boekhout, F., Breitfeld, T., Cascalho, J., Costa, P.J.M., Ekwenye, O., Feher, K., Flores-Aqueveque, V., Fuhring, P., Giannini, P., Goetz, W., Guedes, C., Gyurica, G., Hennig-Breitfeld, J., Hulscher, J., Jafarzadeh, M., Jagodzinski, R., Jozsa, S., Kelemen, P., Keulen, N., Kovacic, M., Liebermann, C., Limonta, M., Luzar-Oberiter, B., Markovic, F., Melcher, F., Miklos, D.G., Moghalu, O., Mounteney, I,. Nascimento, D., Novakovic, T., Obbagy, G., Oehlke, M., Omma, J., Onuk, P., Passchier, S., Pfaff, K., Linconir, L.P., Power, M., Razum, I., Resentini, A., Sagi, T., Salata, D., Salguerio, R., Schonig, J., Sitnikova, M., Sternal, B., Szakmany, G., Szokaluk, M., Thamo-Bozso, E., Toth, A., Tremblay, J., Verhaegen, J., Villasenor, T., Wagreich, M., Wolf, A., Yoshida, K., 2020, Comparability of heavy mineral data – The first interlaboratory round robin test. Earth-Science Reviews.
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  • Pfaff, K., Krumrei, T., Marks, M., Wenzel, T., Rudolf, T., Markl, G., 2008. Chemical and physical evolution of the ‚lower layered sequence’ from the nepheline syenitic Ilímaussaq intrusion, South Greenland: implications for the origin of magmatic layering in peralkaline felsic liquids. Lithos, 106, 280-296.

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