Katharina Pfaff

Research Associate Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering

Katharina Pfaff


  • Ph.D., Economic Geology, University Tuebingen, Germany, 2010
  • M.Sc., Mineralogy, University Tuebingen, Germany, 2007

Research Interests

  • Mineral chemistry and mineralogy.
  • Geochemistry of hydrothermal ore deposits.
  • Economic geology of hydrothermal ore deposits.
  • Thermodynamic modeling of element solubilities, transportation and precipitation mechanisms, and fluid/rock interaction.
  • Igneous petrology in peralkaline systems, magmatic layering.
  • Rare earth element systematics in igneous and hydrothermal systems.
  • Radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry.


Selected Publications

  • Nie, J., Peng, W., Pfaff, K., Möller, A. Garzanti, E., Andò, S., Stevens, T., Bird, A., Chang, H., Song, Y., Liu, S., Ji, J., 2013, Controlling factors on heavy mineral assemblages in Chinese loess and Red Clay. Palaeography, Plaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 381-382, 110-118.
  • Pfaff, K., Staude, S., Markl, G., 2012. On the origin of sellaite (MgF2)-rich deposits in Mg-poor environments. American Mineralogist, 97, 1987-1997.
  • Staude, S., Mordhorst, T., Nau, S., Pfaff, K., Bruegmann, G., Jacob, D.E., Markl, G, 2012. Hydrothermal carbonates of the Schwarzwald ore district, southwestern Germany: Carbon source and conditions of formation using delta18O, delta13C, 87Sr/86Sr, and fluid inclusions. Canadian Mineralogist, 50, 1401-1434.
  • Stroebele, F., Staude, S., Pfaff, K., Premo, W.R., Hildebrandt, L.H., Baumann, A., Pernicka, E., Markl, G., 2012. Pb isotope constraints on fluid flow and mineralization processes in SW Germany. Neues Jahrbuch fuer Mineralogie, 189, 287-309.
  • Pfaff, K., Koenig, A., Wenzel, T., Ridley, I., Hildebrandt, L.H., Leach, D.L., Markl, G., 2011. Trace and minor element variations and sulfur isotopes in crystalline and colloform ZnS: Incorporation mechanisms and implications for their genesis. Chemical Geology, 286, 118-134.
  • Staude, S., Göb, S., Pfaff, K., Ströbele, F., Premo, W.R., Markl, G., 2011. Deciphering fluid sources of hydrothermal systems: A combined Sr- and S-isotope study on barite (Schwarzwald, SW Germany). Chemical Geology, 286, 1-20.
  • Schilling, J., Wu, F.-Y., McCammon, C., Wenzel, T., Marks, M.A.W., Pfaff, K., Jacob, D.E., Markl, G., 2011. The compositional variability of eudialyte-group minerals. Mineralogical Magazine, 75, 87-115.
  • Danisik, M., Pfaff, K., Evans, N.J., Manoloukos, C., Staude, S., McDonald, B.J., Markl, G., 2010. Tectonothermal history of the Schwarzwald Ore District (Germany): An apatite triple dating approach. Chemical Geology, 278, 58-69.
  • Pfaff, K., Hildebrandt, L.H., Leach, D.L., Jacob, D.E., Markl, G., 2010. Formation of the Mississippi Valley-Type Zn-Pb-Ag deposit in the extensional setting of the Upper Rhinegraben in the Wiesloch area, SW Germany. Mineralium Deposita, 45, 647-666.
  • Staude, S., Dorn, A., Pfaff, K., Markl, G., 2010. Assemblages of Ag-Bi sulfosalt and conditions of their formation: the type locality of schapbachite (Ag0.4Pb0.2Bi0.4S) and neighbouring mines in the Schwarzwald ore district, Southern Germany. Canadian Mineralogist, 48, 441-466.
  • Pfaff, K., Wenzel, T., Schilling, J., Marks, M.A.W., Markl, G., 2010. A fast and easy-to-use approach to cation assignment for eudialyte-group minerals. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, 187/1, 69-81.
  • Pfaff, K., Romer, R.L., Markl, G., 2009. U-Pb ages of ferberite, chalcedony, agate, ‘U-mica’ and pitchblende: constraints on the mineralization history of the Schwarzwald ore district. European Journal of Mineralogy, 21, 817-836.
  • Pfaff, K., Krumrei, T., Marks, M., Wenzel, T., Rudolf, T., Markl, G., 2008. Chemical and physical evolution of the ‚lower layered sequence’ from the nepheline syenitic Ilímaussaq intrusion, South Greenland: implications for the origin of magmatic layering in peralkaline felsic liquids. Lithos, 106, 280-296.

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