Richard Palin

Assistant Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering

Richard Palin


Ph.D., 2013, Metamorphic Geology, University of Oxford, UK
M.Sc., 2008, Geology, University of Oxford, UK
B.S., 2007, Geology, University of Oxford, UK

Research and Professional Experience

2017–present    Assistant Professor of Metamorphic Geology, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
2014–2017        Lecturer and Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Geosciences, Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany
2008–2009        Exploration Field Geologist for Anglo Coal Australia, working in Central Queensland

Research Interests and Specialties

The mechanisms and physico-chemical effects of fluid–rock and melt–rock interactions in different metamorphic environments and geodynamic settings.
Developing and testing new activity–composition (a–x) relations and computational techniques for use in petrological phase equilibrium modeling.
Early-Earth evolution, and secular changes in metamorphism and tectonic styles since the Archean
Metamorphic geology of the Himalayan–Karakoram–Tibetan orogen


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Synergistic Activities

Invited reviewer for scientific articles submitted to numerous journals, including Geology, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, Journal of Petrology, Lithos, Precambrian Research, Geological Journal, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, Tectonics, Tectonophysics, Geoscience Frontiers, and GSA Bulletin
Current Fellow of the Geological Society of London, a Member of the Metamorphic Studies Group of the Geological Society of London, and a Member of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain
On-going collaborations with many researchers worldwide, including those at the University of Oxford, UK; the University of Cambridge, UK; the Geological Survey of Canada, Canada; the Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany; the University of Cape Town, South Africa; ETHZ, Switzerland; and the University of Melbourne, Australia (among others).


GEOL525 – Principles of Metamorphic Geology
GEGN498 – Introduction to Plate Tectonics

Contact Information
Office: BE 311B
Phone: 303-273-3819
Fax: 303-273-3859