Graduate Programs

GGE Degrees Offered

Program Description

The Department of Geology and Geological Engineering offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Geology; and Master of Engineering, and Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Geological Engineering. Professional Master’s Degrees are offered in Mineral Exploration. Geological Engineering degrees require possession or acquisition of an undergraduate engineering degree or its equivalent.

Graduate students desiring to study ground water, engineering geology/ geotechnics, mining engineering geology and some environmental applications are generally expected to pursue the Geological Engineering degree. Students desiring to study petroleum or minerals exploration or development sciences, and/or geology generally pursue Geology degrees.

Geoscience students may also choose among several interdisciplinary graduate programs comprised of faculty from several different CSM departments. The most common choices are Geochemistry, Hydrologic Science and Engineering, and Underground Construction and Tunneling.  Please see sections in the Catalog for each of these programs.

GGE Graduate Application Process

Pursuing your academic journey with the Mines Geology and Geological Engineering (GGE) Department involves developing a dialogue with a Professor or a Research Professor that shares your interests.  You can explore the GGE Faculty professional webpages (click their photo) to locate a professional with common interests and activities.  As you create this dialogue with potential faculty advisors, consider presenting the following: 

  • Discuss your specific research and scientific interests
  • Send your CV or resume (including publications and citations)
  • List your skill sets and accomplishments
  • Build on the areas/projects that you want to bring to your graduate program
  • Include funding you’ve secured that will support your tuition, fees, and other financial responsibilities (requests for Department support are very competitive)
  • Include possible opportunities and any other relevant, valuable information

When you apply, the Professors in your chosen area of interest will have an enriched background on you while reviewing your application materials and evaluating your prospective admission and partnership.

GGE Graduate Application Fee Waivers

We understand financial hardships are sensitive topics.  A limited number of application fee waivers for GGE graduate programs are available.  All waiver petitions are considered on an individual basis.  An approved waiver of the application fee does not constitute a guarantee of admission to the program.

Step One:  After you have established a mutual professional dialogue (see GGE Graduate Application Process), you can inform the Professor or the Research Professor that you desire an application fee waiver. 

Step Two:  Waivers can only be requested on your behalf by faculty in the GGE Department.  Additional information may be requested to support your petition. 

Step Three:  The Professor or the Research Professor will inform you of the decision of your request.  This process takes time, so please be patient and refrain from sending follow-up emails regarding the status of your request.  The faculty will appreciate it.

Graduate Admissions is a great resource!

Mines Graduate Admissions is packed with information pertinent to your application.  Prior to seeking answers from the GGE Department, review and explore the menus on the pages listed below to assist you with the process.