David Benson

Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering

David Benson


Berthoud Hall 305C



  • Ph.D., Hydrogeology, University of Nevada, Reno, 1998
  • M.Sc., Geologic Sciences, San Diego State University, 1992
  • B.S., Geology, New Mexico State University, 1985

Research Areas

  • Fractional Calculus and Hydrology.
  • Mixing-Limited Chemical Reaction.
  • Self-Similar Random Fields.


  • Benson, D.A., Bolster, D., & Paster A., 2013, The full subordination solution of the annihilation reaction A+B –> 0. J. Chemical Physics, 138, in press.
  • Meerschaert, M. M., Dogan, M., Van Dam, R.L., Hyndman, D.W., & Benson, D.A., 2013, Hydraulic conductivity fields: Gaussian or not? Water Resources Reserch, 49, in press.
  • Ding, D., Benson, D.A., Paster, A., & Bolster, D., 2013, Modeling bimolecular reactions and transport in porous media via particle tracking. Advances in Water Resources, 53, in press.
  • Bolster, D., Benson, D.A., Meerschaert, M.M., & Baeumer, B., 2013, Mixing-driven equilibrium reactions in multidimensional fractional advection dispersion systems. Physica A, 392, 2513-2525.
  • Paster, A., Bolster, D., & Benson, D.A., 2013, Particle tracking and the diffusion-reaction equation. Water Resources Research, 49, in press.
  • Benson, D. A., Meerschaert, M.M., & Revielle, J., 2013, Fractional calculus in hydrologic modeling: A numerical perspective. Advances in Water Resources, 51, 479-497.
  • Bolster, D., de Anna, P., Benson, D.A., & Tartakovsky, A.M., 2012, Incomplete mixing and reactions with fractional dispersion. Advances in Water Resources, 37, 86-93.
  • Major, E., Benson, D.A., Revielle, J., Ibrahim, H., Dean, A.M., Maxwell, R.M., Poeter, E.P., & Dogan, M., 2011, Comparison of Fickian and temporally non-local transport theories over many scales in an exhaustively sampled sandstone slab. Water Resources Research, 47, W10519.

Classes Taught

  • GEGN 581: Analytical Hydrology
  • GEGN 470: Groundwater Engineering Design
  • GEGN 583: Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater Systems
  • GEGN 598: Advanced Contaminant Transport