Graduate Certificate in Earth Resource Data Science

The Data Science – Earth Resources Graduate Certificate consists of four courses (12 credit hours) that can also be included as coursework towards an M.S. degree at Mines. This fully online program introduces the fundamentals of python data science as it pertains to characterization, extraction, and sustainable development of surface and subsurface Earth resources. This program will enable students to organize, analyze, and visualize earth-resource data as well as automate repetitive tasks, making them more efficient and innovative scientists. The program covers fundamental data science (no pre-requisities necessary!) and advanced topics like machine-learning and web-scraping. Fourteen elective choices offer flexibility, allowing students to customize the certificate towards their industry. 

Graduate Certificate in Earth Resource Data Science

Earth Resource Data Science graduate certificate (fully online)

Why you may want to enroll

Digitalization has profoundly affected all facets of geoscience, including extractive industries (e..g, oil and gas, minerals, water resources), remote sensing of Earth change, environmental monitoring & remediation, and geological engineering. More data is available for detailed analysis to improve decision making and influence policy at all levels. Changing commodity prices have added to the need to improve the efficiency of operations in order to drive more effective and responsible development of Earth resources and to provide attractive investment returns for shareholders.

Data science is a vitally important skill, particularly when paired with deep domain knowledge pertaining to Earth resource characterization, extraction, and sustainable development.



Introduction to Data Science



Earth Resource Data Science I – Fundamentals



Earth Resource Data Science II – Applications and Machine-Learning



Choose from 14 options



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Documents and Forms

A number of important forms can be accessed in interactive form at the Office of Graduate Studies website. Several forms (e.g., Admission to Candidacy form) must be filled out at that website and printed for signatures and submittal. The Graduation Application form should be completed and submitted online.

Following are the Thesis Committee Step-by-Step Guide for Graduation Commencement for May 2023 and December 2023.

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