and z; and;A Computer Code for Multi-Model Analysis

Constructed using the JUPITER API
JUPITER – Joint Universal Parameter Identification and Evaluation of Reliability
API – Application Programming Interface


Summary of MMA
(includes version history)


MMA Manual 
The MMA manual is INCLUDED in the DOWNLOAD BELOW, but is offered here for convenient individual download:

Poeter, Eileen P. and Mary C. Hill, 2007, MMA — A Computer Code for Multi-Model Analysis, U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods 6-E3. 


DOWNLOAD MMA version 1.210 (released September 1, 2011) 
(for installation instructions see readme_mma.pdf

    self-extracting zip file mma_1.210.exe with executables for a PC, source and test files:
    place in root directory and extract, directory wrdapp/mma_1.210 will be created if it does not yet exist
  • DOWNLOAD UNIX version
    tar-gzip file (source and test cases only):  mma_1.210.tgz

DOWNLOAD MMA Demo from MODFLOW and More Conference 2017
Updated zip file in 2024 July to: add the True Synthetic Model files with a discussion; and update the email addresses and links in the PDF files 

(Questions about, or problems with, MMA? Contact Eileen Poeter)